International Women’s Day Cupcakes

From $36 to $95 1 day

Celebrate your favourite  women with these delicious cupcakes!

We require a lead time of 3 days to perfect these for you

About this product

Our International Women’s Day cupcakes are spectacular, eye-catching and delicious!

They are made fresh everyday, are light and fluffy and matched with the most tantalising butter icing that will leave you wanting more!

International Women’s Day Cupcakes are a contemporary, fun and unique way for everyone to have their own little cake and eat it too!

We are super proud of our reputation for the best cupcakes in Australia and worldwide. We use the finest of ingredients supporting local farmers and businesses to bring you the most delicious cupcakes you will ever taste.

All products produced in The Cupcake Princess kitchen are made in a nut free environment, with love and from scratch!