Cupcake Princess Party Rules

Our aim is to make your child’s dream come true by having the most enjoyable party ever! Our parties are so much fun and they a place for your child and their guests to learn and be kids

All parties are drop and go. No parents allowed! The parents of the birthday child are welcome to come back 10min before the end to take photos and join in the happy birthday sing-a-long

COVID-19 Condition: Whilst we appreciate that cutting of the cake is important, due to COVID restrictions we are unable to cut the cake and share it amongst the guests. The great news is, you may take the cake home to share as you wish

The safety of every single child in our care is of paramount importance to us as it is you. As such we have some rules that you must agree to before we can accept your booking for child’s Princess Party.

As the princess party parent, you agree that the following is your responsibility and you will ensure:

    • Any additional decorations are delivered to the party room the day prior
    • No later than one (1) week prior to the party, you will provide The Cupcake Princess a list of all guest names and emergency contact numbers. Please download and use our Attendee Contact List for this: Click Here
    • You bring along any special games for the children to play or party bags on the day. The room is available 5mins prior to the start time if you require. However please note each party is fully catered for. All children are asked and encouraged to eat sandwiches before they fill up on lollies.
    • Guests arrive on time, as we start the party promptly at the booking commencement time. From that point, your party will run for 120 minutes for Diamond parties and 90 minutes for all other parties.
    • The room will be available to you 5 mins prior to the start time if you require. Please do not arrive earlier than this as we do not have any waiting room facilities.
    • All parents drop off their child and leave the party within the first 10mins after the party start time. No parents are allowed to stay at the party. The parents of the birthday child are welcome to come back 10min before the end to take photos and join in the happy birthday sing-a-long. Whilst we understand parents would like to stay and watch the children enjoy themselves, the children find it difficult to take leadership and direction from our team.
    • All parents leave the vicinity of the party room. This prevents children being distracted or tempted to join their parents. Once the party starts, we close the door to prevent children leaving the premises onto the busy road
    • All parents collect their children from the party at the conclusion time of the party. No child is to remain unattended once the party finishes.
    • The party room is completely vacated within 10mins of the allocated finishing time of the party. A surcharge of $60 per 30mins will be charged if the room is not
    • No changes are made on the day of the party
    • Any increase in attendees are made up to 48hrs prior to the party date

  • Payment

    Payment is needed to confirm your booking. Until payment is received your order cannot be guaranteed. Issuance and receipt of your invoice will be treated as confirmation of your Booking.

    Changing or cancelling your order

    If you need to change the date, change details or cancel your Booking, please contact us as far in advance as possible. Orders cancelled thirty days or more before the party date will receive a full refund. Those cancelled within 0 to 29 days of the Party date are not entitled to a refund. If you need to postpone your booking to a future date, there is a $250 fee if you postpone within 0 and 14 days prior to the Party date.


    All our prices are inclusive of GST @ 10% where applicable.
    Our prices may change without notice.


    Payment can be made via MasterCard, Visa, AMEX or PayPal.